Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Freshly made french bread sitting, still warm. The aroma makes your mouth water!

Sundays in France are vide-grenier day. It means
empty the attic. Like car boots or yard sales.
Fresh french bread.

What better way to pass the day than searching for that
special treasure amongst all the stalls and vendors.

Every weekend there is a vide-grenier somewhere
not far from our village. Set up in the village square.

As well as vintage items there is always fresh produce
to try and to take home.

There is a super ambience and families turn out to
Sausages in all flavours.
stroll in the warm sunshine.

The dealers from Paris arrive about 6am just as the first
stallholders are setting up. They know what they are looking
for and will stick their heads into the back of your car
to see what goodies you have.

This year I did a stall at our local vide - grenier. I had a
super day out and sold a reasonable few things and made
a little room for me to buy some new stock.

Shiny copper pots.
It is a super way to recycle everything. A single item can
be used for years, then sold at a v-g, then used and sold
again if it is still useful. So much better than throwing
away and buying new.

I got a complete dinner service from a v-g. It is 1970's
amber glass and should it ever get broken, I know where
to get replacement plates. They are on every table in
ones or twos waiting to be gathered together.

Permanent vide-grenier and antique shop.