Monday, 13 October 2014

How to make 'Clawdeen's' top for Halloween.

Marking the armholes

Yesterday saw the successfull make of Clawdeen's skirt. Now it is the turn of Clawdeen's top. Usually it would be a peachy
cat-scratch pattern. Violet cat-scratch was the best we could find.

The only draw back was this fabric is non-stretch. And I had no pattern

I measured the armholes using a t'shirt that fits my little monster.

Cut one side, then use the cut-out piece to measure the other side.

Mark the neck line.

Then measuring the neck line comparing it to the original t'shirt. (A vest would be better!)

Cut out the neck pieces.

Cut out and hem or serger all edges.

Once cut out, I sergered all the top edges and armholes. Seamed down the side seams.

Inside out with pin lines for a better fit.
 With shoulder seams sewn and side seams sewn the little monster tried it on. It was too wide so I tapered the side seams in from the top and re-did the seams.

The finished top will be shown with the completed outfit. Watch this space.

To come next is the fur jacket and a pair of ears!