Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Expresso coffee maker.

I found this lovely little expresso maker. It makes a
Bialetti mini express.
single shot and takes about 3 minutes on a flat top stove or hotplate. I have seen these in a double shot version too.

It measures a tiny 15 cms tall. and is called L Bialetti mini express 1 tazza.

Definitely a toy for the coffee enthusiast or someone who appreciates style and functionality.

Coffee drinking in France is very different to my experience of coffee shops in the UK.  In France coffee comes in an expresso sized cup and black, automatically unless you ask for something different.

As a de-caf drinker who likes a lot of milk, I still find this difficult to remember and I am still surprised when a tiny
expresso arrives on the table.

French coffee drinking is done in the mornings and never after about 2pm. If you find yourself at a little cafe, you can always pop next door to the bakers, boulangerie, and buy yourself a lovely cake or croissant to have with your drink.

Did you know you can keep opened, ground coffee better in the fridge!

Bottoms up.