Monday, 31 January 2011

Art-en-couleurs by Emerance Renard.

Competition running, enter with a photo of your most extreme stash and win a tunic like THIS.

Emerance Renard is one of the talented belly dance ladies in my group. She has been with us for the past 4 years and participates at all our public events.

Emerance was born in Belgium and now lives in France with her family.  Her favourite medium is acrylics and her work is innovative and vibrant.

You can find her site HERE

These are some of her artworks.

Emerance makes cards, boxes, decorations and is very happy to accept commission work.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

I'm a Firestarter, terrific firestarter, yeeeah.

Enter my competition and win a fantastic Antique tunic like THIS, easy send in a photo of your most 'extreme stash' (Think outside the box - small can be extreme, monocolour, large etc.

So I have spent today outside in minus 2*, re-building our duck house, moving chicken pens and helping OH cutting wood. I only found out how cold it was after I came in.  Tonight after it was dark we went back out to catch all the (8) chickens and move them to their new house, then catch ducks and move them too.  

The chickens aren't too bad, they just complain loudly. The ducks are another matter, they are very big and very strong.  Our new arrivals have had their feathers trimmed and tomorrow they can be let out with all the 'Pilchard' ducks.  Our 4 year old decided all the girl duck should be called Pilchard, so they are. 

Tomorrow it's back to school, said 4 year old has been off sick for the past week and I will be happy for her to go back.  She is lovely and good, just a bit demanding and talks non-stop. I would like a little time to create and make something beautiful.

I have listed some feathers tonight

I'm a Firestarter, terrific firestarter.... yeah
This is the title for my latest treasury, and believe me IT WASN'T EASY.   I have taken to treasury making - it's a bit like a Christmas wish list, but every day.  It also gives me an idea to write about and you a chance to see some lovely pieces you might not have found otherwise.

So here are the pictures...

Saturday, 29 January 2011


Evening, or morning depending where in the world you are.  Please feel free to enter my competition and have you chance to win a tunic like THIS

JuanitaTortilla is a brilliant name for a shop and has some brilliant products too.

Juanita is based in Switzerland and says - 'Juanita is my name. Tortilla rhymes with it, I was told. And so it is: Juanita Tortilla.

I love to re-use and re-purpose materials, and transform them into unique and affordable Jewellery, Accessories, and Bags. My items are made from spur of the moment, so they are my one-of-a-kind unique babies.

As of 2009, the aim of Juanita Tortilla is to reduce new waste, and to work with resources that are already available to us.'

If I had one of these phones, I would buy this

Also my eye was drawn by this

Find more about JuanitaTortilla at

Friday, 28 January 2011

'Memories' team challenge and freezing winds.

My competition for you to win yourself a fantastic tunic like this is open and running, send me a photo of your 'most extreme stash'.

For the past week a treasuries competition has been running at etsy expats with the theme 'memories'.
The winner Jo,  of Russell Jewelry Designs was chosen as the winner with a stunning walk down memory lane.

You can see the other entries here

Jo's shop is flamboyant with its seasonal reds just now.

My eye was caught by this

And this

Thanks Jo for choosing this weeks topic for treasuries which is 'Music'.

It is so cold here, my poor ducks and chickens are all puffed up like dandylions.  Useless fact - the english dandylion comes from the french words dent-de-lion (tooth of lion), but the french really call dandylions, pis-en-lit (wet the bed).   We come across so many language similarities and differences here - I should really write a book.