Sunday, 30 January 2011

I'm a Firestarter, terrific firestarter, yeeeah.

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So I have spent today outside in minus 2*, re-building our duck house, moving chicken pens and helping OH cutting wood. I only found out how cold it was after I came in.  Tonight after it was dark we went back out to catch all the (8) chickens and move them to their new house, then catch ducks and move them too.  

The chickens aren't too bad, they just complain loudly. The ducks are another matter, they are very big and very strong.  Our new arrivals have had their feathers trimmed and tomorrow they can be let out with all the 'Pilchard' ducks.  Our 4 year old decided all the girl duck should be called Pilchard, so they are. 

Tomorrow it's back to school, said 4 year old has been off sick for the past week and I will be happy for her to go back.  She is lovely and good, just a bit demanding and talks non-stop. I would like a little time to create and make something beautiful.

I have listed some feathers tonight

I'm a Firestarter, terrific firestarter.... yeah
This is the title for my latest treasury, and believe me IT WASN'T EASY.   I have taken to treasury making - it's a bit like a Christmas wish list, but every day.  It also gives me an idea to write about and you a chance to see some lovely pieces you might not have found otherwise.

So here are the pictures...