Thursday, 3 March 2011

How to display Vintage French Net Drapes

I said what I was going to do and my OH laughed and said 'hang them up surely'. Well yes, but there are a few options and here are some of the possibilities.

Smaller nets three quarters up the frame.
They are on a small wooden bar fixed with antique brass fittings


Colour layered on sheer

Full Frame

Cats in the window, one drape covering two halves

Tiny one in the middle of a HUGE window!

Aged and splendid

Three quarters

Bistro style, top and bottom


Splendid and regal

If your windows are too wide you can hang a matching or contrasting colour drape either side of a picture curtain.

In the bathroom you can hand a picture net on the outside of your transparent shower curtain and let the pattern show through.

For a very wide window hand many short pieces bistro style. The small sections are designed to be cut to the length required.

You can hang your nets from a purpose made bar or rod. Wires are available at Ikea and can be used with clips. You can use a wooden dowel or a length of plumbers copper pipe. The possibilities are limitless.


Wednesday, 2 March 2011