Sunday, 12 October 2014

How to sew a 'Clawdeen' Monster High costume for Halloween.

We looked at a ready made costume and were
Skirt for Clawdeen, Monsters High.
not very happy with the material, so we bought a total of 2 meters of fabric in 4 different patterns and made our own.

This is for a tall 8 year old and I'm sure you could adapt the principle to fit whichever age of size you need.

The skirt was first. It should have been with box pleats and a matt fabric, but my little monster wanted the panne velvet in purple.

The cloth was width 60 inches and we bought 
Measure your fabric.
half a meter (20 inches). After neatening up the edges I matched up the two side edges and made a seam with the serger.

Then I sergered the top edge and machine stitched it down with an inch hem for the elastic to run through.

Thread elastic through. A good tip I found for measuring elastic to fit is - measure your waist, take 2 inches off the measurement and cut the elastic to this size. Thread through the casing. Overlap 1 inch of elastic and sew. This gives a good fit without too much stretch.

Next I sergered the lower edge and measured 
Waistband ready to be stitched.
the little monster. I turned up a good 2 inches for the hem and stitched it on the machine.

I had a double layer of netting which I added to the same hem line to give the idea of a netting underskirt. My monster didn't want a full size scratchy net underneath so the added part gave the illusion.

The skirt is finished - it fits and Clawdeen Jnr. is more than happy.

Still to come are the top and fur jacket. What are you going to make for your little monster?
Elastic added to waistband.

Lower hem sergered and seamed.

Netting folded in half ready for stitching.

Netting pinned in place on lower hem.     

The completed skirt.