Thursday, 16 October 2014

How to make 'Clawdeen's Jacket' for a Halloween costume.

It is made, it is lovely!  Again I bought 20" of fur
Clawdeen's jacket, Monster High.
at 60" wide, it was just enough to make the jacket. The sleeves could have been longer.

As before, I had no pattern. I used a waistcoat that was fairly tight on my little monster as the pattern base.

I cut the back first, based on the size and shape of the waistcoat, plus one inch all round. The front pieces were done the same way.

The first seams were the shoulders. I sewed them on the machine, then serged. The amount of fluff that came off the fabric was incredible.

Then I set in the two sleeves which were just rectangles folded in half. Again I seamed on
both machines. I added some left over fabric from
Measure with a waistcoat.
the skirt to make the sleeves a little longer.

Then I did the side seams, again with both machines to make nice neat edges which hopefully won't cast off fluff.

The last step was to serge all around the outer edges and the sleeve hems.

The full costume will be revealed tomorrow. I have still two ears to sew and make a fur collar.

I would love to see the costumes you have made - send me a link and I will check them out.
Back, fur side up.

Two fronts.

Sleeve beside arm hole.  

Sleeves sewn to body.

Sleeve and side seam, ready to be stitched.

Sides seamed.
Clawdeen's completed jacket.