Tuesday, 18 January 2011

'The most extreme stash' Welcome to Which Craft Notions.

I create on a mostly daily basis. I love to create and my head is so full of ideas.  I have made this blog as an inspiration for me and for you to go and sort out your craft supplies and create something new and beautiful.

I want to share this space with you to promote your craft or art and inspiration with others.

As a starter I want to hold a competition.

'The most extreme stash'

The plan is for you read my blog and follow it.  Promote my competion on your facebook, twitter etc.
Send me a photo of your most extreme stash and tell me why you feel it is extreme. Enter via comments. I will include entries regularly on my blog.  The competition will run until 1st March 2011 when I will choose the winner. The winner will be blogged on 2nd March 2011.

All you need is a photo and a short description.

The winners shop details will be included in my blog,  and the winner will receive one of my French Antique tunics like this (click)

So to give you some inspiration

I travelled 5 hour round trip to collect this:

Now I can hear you asking 'ok so why is that extreme?'  well , a. I have nowhere to store this, b. no spinning wheel, c. no drum carder, and d. only a pair of hand held carders.   I will sell you some (smiles).

Come on ! get those entries in!