Friday, 28 January 2011

'Memories' team challenge and freezing winds.

My competition for you to win yourself a fantastic tunic like this is open and running, send me a photo of your 'most extreme stash'.

For the past week a treasuries competition has been running at etsy expats with the theme 'memories'.
The winner Jo,  of Russell Jewelry Designs was chosen as the winner with a stunning walk down memory lane.

You can see the other entries here

Jo's shop is flamboyant with its seasonal reds just now.

My eye was caught by this

And this

Thanks Jo for choosing this weeks topic for treasuries which is 'Music'.

It is so cold here, my poor ducks and chickens are all puffed up like dandylions.  Useless fact - the english dandylion comes from the french words dent-de-lion (tooth of lion), but the french really call dandylions, pis-en-lit (wet the bed).   We come across so many language similarities and differences here - I should really write a book.