Friday, 21 January 2011

Kebabs, plain bread and freezing winds

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Tonight I would like to introduce you to 

Jacqueline Fouche who has her shop Tangentine.  Jacqueline makes Handmade jewelry inspired by the ancients, science and the natural world.  She is offering Free worldwide shipping to end of January 2011.

These are just a few of her wonderful pieces.

Today I spent a lot of time in a French office filling out paperwork and having millions of copies made of all my past work documents. Certainly the French know how to do bureaucracy!

We used to have a kebab van that was in our neighbouring village on friday and saturday nights. Now they have a shop with an eating area. So tonight we treated ourselves to Kefta and kebab, with chips.

Having moved 1500 km south to France we really miss, pakora, chinese food, Aulds rolls, Orkney cheddar, red lentils, irn bru, an Aulds sausage roll ( I would pay a lot to have one tomorrow!!), red leicester cheese, and plain bread.

To non-Scots Aulds is a firm of bakers, irn bru is a fizzy drink and plain bread is heavier than square bread with a very dark top and bottom crust, with no side crusts. It looks like this :-

Freezing winds - it managed to get to +3* c today but it felt like -10* because of the easterly wind. We may get more snow.

When we arrived in France in 2005 we were told it hadn't snowed in our village for the past 15 years. 4 out of the past 5 winters here we have had snow, guess who gets the blame?