Wednesday, 19 January 2011

First Blog and first competitors.

Prize for the competition is similar to this, get your comments and photos ready.

So it should have been a fairly straight forward thursday, if somewhat busy. It was planned that the 3 'lumberjacks' (hubby and 2 friends)  had lunch at our house I was meant to collect my son at 12 noon from college, a 80km round trip. Then take my son to the orthodontist, another 50km round trip, then go shopping, then home.

So after clearing and setting the table, preparing soup and leaving everything for the men I went to get the boy. That was fine and got home to a phone call 'we're not coming for lunch, we're at Rogers'.  Fair enough, but I would have done many other things rather than rushing about after them.

The trip to the dentists was good, but the shopping was a bit of a nightmare. My daughter is four and has a bad tickly cough.  We timed her and she is coughing 10 times per minute. So having coughed all night she has coughed all day to and she threw her wobbly when we were in the supermarket. She was shouting and coughing at the same time, not nice.

Back home now and I was so pleased to have my first comments to mention.

Liberty scarves by the million it seems, you can see them HERE.     They are part of the fabulous stash belonging to Jan Marriot who is Fabriquefantastique .  I just had a quick look and Jan has 240 items for sale on her etsy shop today. Have a look, I'm sure you will find something to please. You can find Jans blog HERE.

I must especially liked one of Jans quilt toppers HERE, but I am always swayed by purple.

Monique from Uniqueunique commented  - Your extreme stash is really extreme it reminds me of the time I drove around for ages with boxes of antique and vintage stained glass in my trunk because I had no place to put it. I was petrified that I would have an accident and all that glass would break free.

Monique has some fantastic glass jewellery, my choice today is HERE.  The colours are so vibrant, brill!

All I need from you now Monique is a photo of some extreme stash.

I have just been outside, the moon is HUGE. It is cold here again and the moon seems bigger because of that.

Night all - until tomorrow.