Monday, 15 August 2011

Adding beads and feathers to your beard or hair

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Basic application
Place a crimp bead onto the hook tool or folded thread.

Slide the bead up and pull the hairs through.

Holding the bead on the hairs slide a feather into the bead.

With flat pliers crimp the bead hard, make sure it is hanging vertical and down (not out or up)

If you have chosen to put feathers on both sides, repeat the process at the other side.

Slide bead onto hair

Pull through hairs

Slide feather into bead

Check direction of feather and crimp.

If you are adding coloured beads or skull beads fold a piece of thread, push it through the bead, then slide the bead off the thread and onto the hair / beard. Then add the crimp bead and your feather. The skull bead sits above the feather.  Alternatively you can slide the skull bead onto the feather first.

To remove feathers and beads -
Crimp the bead again to open it up
remove feather and bead.

Crimp widest edges


This will work on short hair and beards. You use the same method to add to long hair.

I am working on fashion accessories for men with no hair on their heads. 
Watch this space.