Friday, 17 June 2011


I read, everywhere, the best way to sell on the internet is take really good photographs.  Now if you can do that yourself that's really fantastic.  If you can't you have to learn or if you are able - hire a professional photographer, like Scott Johnson.

I have known Scott Johnson's wife for 6 years now, but only recently got to know Scott. They both run a beautiful B&B just south of the Loire valley, France. La Guertiere.

Scott took some amazing photos of me on Easter Sunday this year and when I saw them I was absolutely amazed by the clarity.  The difference between my photography and a professionals is just unbelievable.  The photo shoot was easy - I just told Scott what I wanted and he did exactly that!

Here is Scott's photoshoot

I had these taken for the opening of my new shop HeadsUpHigh.   This is the kit for adding feathers to brown and dark hair.

I wore my feathers for 5 weeks, washing and drying my hair as per usual. I didn't notice them and would add them again for any special occasion.

I have booked another session with Scott for later this month, so watch this space!